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Global Data Server
Personal View Builder

The Global Data Server (GDS) is a powerful web server enhanced with specific modules. GDS enables data publishing at the speed of light and with unparalleled ease. Data of any type, such as text, number, voice, photo, film and others, are exchanged like a mailbox with timestamps. Data cells can be created, stored and accessed on GDS from any device which supports IP protocols, using a web interface similar to MS Explorer.
The Personal View Builder is a graphic editor that creates views from data stored on GDS. Within seconds, you can design an easy-to-use, personalized viewing application which includes elements such as text, tickers or image files. Your finished product is stored on GDS, and you can access it using a web browser or “The Viewer” – just by selecting the stored view. The Personal View Builder can also be configured to meet the needs of larger user groups or customized for specific business requirements.
The Viewer can be downloaded to mobile devices with java script capability, or used from a desktop. The Viewer opens your customized views which have been stored on GDS. You can use a variety of applications to open The Viewer, and display live data using, for instance, mapping or navigation utilities.